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Review your stock portfolio: 6-month-end-2018 portfolio returns 13,5% in just one week

 03:55 04/06/2018

After 7 trading sessions, the stock portfolio achieved a return of 19.7%. ACB increased 19.61% from 36 to 43.3; BID increased 23.26% from 25.8 to 31.8; PNJ increased 14.21% from 161.9 to 184.9; VND increased 22.91% from 17.9 to 22; HVN increased 18.21% from 28 to 33.1 and PLX increased 20% from 56 to 67.2.
PLX target price 141,000 VND per share

PLX target price 141,000 VND per share

 05:56 03/06/2018

PLX - Vietnam Petroleum Corporation. Currently, the price of trading on the stock exchange at the end of 6/01/2018 at the price of 60,500 VND per share is not reflecting the core value of PLX. We expect PLX to stand at 141,000 VND per share, equivalent to a nearly increment of 125% from the price set at 6/01/2018,

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