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8 years "clamped", the Japanese securities companies unexpected a big profit thanks to extraordinary fluctuations of SRA

Sunday - 02/09/2018 20:43
With many investors, especially institutional investors, doubling the yield after eight years is not a big deal, but with eight years of waiting, Aizawa Securities has been relieved.
8 years "clamped", the Japanese securities companies unexpected a big profit thanks to extraordinary fluctuations of SRA
8 years "clamped", the Japanese securities companies unexpected a big profit thanks to extraordinary fluctuations of SRA
Over the past days, the SRA shares of Sara Vietnam Joint Stock Company fluctuations increased dramatically. From the price of 9,300 dong, SRA has increased nonstop and reached ~ 64,000 dong to close at the end of last week.

Why SRA suddenly rose six times in just over a month? The answer may be a lot, supply-demand in the market, the plan to increase capital "crisis" from 20 billion to 180 billion, is because business activity suddenly improved or because of the shift to medical equipments which Sara is really worth it ... It is possible that the increase in SRA stock is the sum of the well-publicized information that is published on the market.

So let's move on to the big question of SRA stock price, this article we want to talk about Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd.- the biggest shareholder and of course will benefit the most from the SRA stock price increase.

8 years of "clamping" of Aizawa Securities

Aizawa Securities has invested in Sara Vietnam Joint Stock Company since 2010. This Japanese securities company invested heavily in Sara Vietnam when Sara Vietnam was not outstanding if not to say "sinking" between hundreds of other Vietnamese enterprises. At this time, Sara Vietnam has just released the loss and revenue, profits reached a tiny number - even compared to the tiny capital of Sara Vietnam.

Reconcile the history of Aizawa Securities as a major shareholder, SRA stock is around 30,000 VND and if it is a bit further (Aizawa Securities is not yet a major shareholder and has not yet disclosed the information. public stock), SRA shares fluctuate in price range from 15-30,000 VND / share.

Admittedly, Aizawa Securities is a stubborn investor. After injecting large capital into SRA, the company's revenue sharply increased in 2011, but the profit was still a few hundred million dong, much lower than the figure of 2.75 billion dong in 2010. Aizawa pouring capital.

The following year, the business situation of SRA became more tragic. Revenue from 21 billion in 2011 has returned to the threshold of more than 200 million in 2012, losses over 5 billion is the inevitable of that year when the revenue does not have the machine still have to spend money.

In 2013, the SRA continues to lose money despite turnover. Compared to 2012, SRA is a breakthrough in sales.

In 2014, revenue declined again, interest is only counted several tens of millions of dong.

In 2015, revenue lost, operating loss 521 million.

In 2016, revenue and profit suddenly came back strongly after many years, but, in general, it is not significant compared to 2010 - the year Aizawa poured capital.

2017 is the second year in a row SRA breakthrough. Revenue, profit peak since the listing. EPS of more than 5,600 dong.

But the forgotten SRA stock has receded for 10 years, not many people pay attention to sales figures, profits are changing rapidly in a business "pepper baby" on the floor again. SRA shares moved sideways at the price of VND10,000 for the whole year.

In other words, since the investment in SRA, Aizawa has big hole, "clip goods" at the price ~ 10,000 VND and lower. Selling not save, keep only just to view the account across the long run.

8 years in partnership with SRA, the Japanese securities company stock outlook from 30,000 to 20,000 to 2-3,000. The sudden ups and downs of the eight-year-long series were not enough for Aizawa to smile because stocks were so low that a dozen or so sessions were not enough for SRA. Go back to the price that Aizawa spent.

Unexpected interest terrible

8 years, Aizawa Securities was laughing the last few days. After 8 years of waiting, SRA has increased its ceiling continuously and the stock price has increased from VND 9,300 to VND 64,000, equivalent to 6 times in just over one month.

From deep losses, "clamped" for many years, Aizawa Securities suddenly not only get back the investment capital but also big profits. Compared to the estimated investment price of less than 30,000 dong / share, after 8 years, this investment has doubled.

Of course, with many investors, especially institutional investors, a doubling in interest after eight years is not a big deal. But with eight years of waiting, Aizawa Securities has been relieved.

Interestingly, Aizawa Securities has not yet registered any capital increase despite SRA. It is unclear whether this Japanese securities company has forgotten the "heartbreaking" investment or still expects the future of SRA to be a big question.

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