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Eximbank advanced VND93 billion for VND245 billion of evaporated savings book.

Tuesday - 26/06/2018 21:34
This is the amount of Ms. Chu Thi Binh Eximbank advances in phase 1 and the rest will be paid by the bank when the final conclusion of the authorities.
At a press conference on the afternoon of June 26, Eximbank's representative said that after the agreement was based on the records of the C44 Investigation Police and the information obtained, Eximbank and Ms. Chu Thi Binh Most agree on the advance for Mrs. Binh in the process pending the final conclusion of the investigation.
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Ms. Chu Thi BInh

Regarding the advances, Ms. Chu Thi Binh said that in the first phase, she was forwarded 93 billion dong to the bank and sent it back, divided into three books. A 3-month, a 6-month, and a 9-month.

After the official conclusion of the investigation, Eximbank will pay the remaining VND152 billion. The resignation according to Mrs. Binh is very goodwill and fully active. Ms. Binh said she also decided to use the services related to export and import activities of her company at Eximbank.

According to Eximbank's representative, this agreement does not affect the proceedings of the criminal case. In the first phase, the bank has made and Binh has also received the agreed agreement.

After receiving the money, Eximbank said that she has no need to use and also in good faith with the bank, so she deposited the deposit into the Eximbank branch of HCM City. "This move shows that Chu Thi Binh customers are very confident and want to continue using financial services of the bank, and Eximbank is also expected to serve her with a long-term customer policy," the representative said. .

This is a risky case as well as many other cases. The bank has to look back on each party's responsibility and this is within the scope of the advance. "We have got the agreement of the Board of Management to handle the case of customer Chu Thi Binh," said the representative of Eximbank.

The two sides agreed after the effective judgment of the court, Eximbank and Mrs. Binh have the responsibility to comply with the court's judgment.

Eximbank also said that in recent years, the bank has received very close guidance from the authorities to handle the case. As regards the bank, Chu Thi Binh is a big customer, a well-known businessman in the market. Through this move, the bank hopes to consolidate its reputation.

Mr. Phan Trung Hoai, lawyer representing Ms. Chu Thi Binh also said that she appreciated the goodwill of Eximbank in the process of settling the case. Both sides reach this result according to Mr. Hoai is based on the review of the bank on each file, the results of the investigation notice of the investigation as the basis for the assessment of the problem. This is an important basis for the two sides to achieve the results of negotiations.

"The fact that Ms. Binh continues to send savings is a good decision, and we are aware that it is necessary to wait for the final decision of the investigating body, but with the result of this agreement, Ms. Binh also pledged to comply with the final results of the authorities, "said Hoai.

In addition, Mr. Hoai shared, through this result also resolved an important matter with her individual that is to clarify her solidarity with Mr. Le Nguyen Hung. This is related to the honor of Mrs. Binh.

Two Eximbank's Ho Chi Minh City Branch officers were detained, Eximbank said one person was released from bail and another was asked by the authorities to release bail.

From 2013 to now, she has opened 3 savings books with a total principal amount of over 301 billion dong (one of which is 247 billion dong, one is 49 billion dong and another is 5.4 billion dong)

In 2/2017, when saving 49 billion VND to maturity date, she contacted to withdraw this amount, Eximbank said her deposit was not in the system. Then she checked all the savings books, was notified by Eximbank and provided documents showing that she had withdrawn 245 billion, while she still holds the savings book.

The incident was attributed to Le Nguyen Hung, former deputy director of Ho Chi Minh City branch of Eximbank, forged papers to draw money from her savings books.

After that, Ms. Binh had a meeting with Eximbank's Board of Directors to come up with solutions. According to Ms. Binh, Eximbank agreed to advance her more than 14.8 billion dong - the amount on the authorization letter that the Police Investigation Agency - Ministry of Public Security (C44) identified as the signature of the account holder as well. Authorized person is fake. As for other things, the bank will wait for the court.

After working together, Binh and the bank could not find a consensus on the terms, so she declined the advance.

Source: Vnexpress newspaper

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