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HoSE leader: "95% of investors lose money in the derivatives market"

Monday - 09/07/2018 12:38
Launched in August 2017, derivative products with the first product is futures contract VN30 which be increasingly attracting attention from investors, especially in the market phase adjusted by the advantage traded T + 0, as well as a short sale.
On July 9th, on the personal Facebook page, Le Hai Tra, a Member of Management Council in charge of Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE), said: "95% of losses, only 5% earn money on the market. Super investor, who are you?  "

This share of the head of HoSE head has received many opinions concurrently when the volatility of the derivatives market over time makes it difficult for investors to forecast. Even more,  the idea that the derivatives market  has a significant impact on fluctuations in the underlying market.

In May, VN30 Index continued to fluctuate sharply and dropped more than 100 points. At the same time, the volume of transactions on the stock market has continuously increased and reached a new record. Total trading volume and value of derivatives market were 1.64 million contracts and VND 162,530 billion, respectively increased 191.17% and 162.46% compared to April.

In June, there was not much movement in the underlying market and this helped the derivatives market become more active with the total trading value of the whole market soaring to VND 193,371 billion.

In the last trading session of July 6, when the market fluctuated strongly and the VN-Index declined to 885 points, the derivatives market continued to set a new record with trading value soaring to VND 14,504 billion, the highest level in a session so far.

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