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Minister Truong Minh Tuan resigns as Party Secretary

Thursday - 12/07/2018 09:00
Politburo disciplined and dismissed Secretary of the Party Committee with Minister Truong Minh Tuan due to decisions relating to the project to purchase AVG.
On July 12, the Politburo held a meeting under the chairmanship of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to review and implement the disciplines of Nguyen Bac Son, former Central Party Commissioner, former Minister of Information and Communication for the term of 2011-2016 and Mr. Truong Minh Tuan, former Central Party Commissioner, Secretary of the Party Committee, Minister of Information and Communications.

They were subject to disciplinary due to violations related to the project of MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation acquired a 95% shares of AVG.

The Politburo's assessment of the violations of Mr. Nguyen Bac Son and Mr. Truong Minh Tuan is very serious. Therefore, the Politburo decided to discipline Mr. Truong Minh Tuan; to quit Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Information and Communications for the term of 2016-2021; At the same time, it is requested that the Central Party Committee consider the strict discipline of Nguyen Bac Son according to its competence.
Nguyên Bộ trưởng Thông tin Truyền thông Nguyễn Bắc Son. Ảnh: QH
Former Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Bac Son is responsible main for his violations of Party Committee  for the term of 2011-2016.

The Party Committee of Government is required to direct the implementation of the administrative discipline process with Mr. Truong Minh Tuan ensuring synchronous and timely discipline of the Party.

The Party Committee of  The Ministry of Information and Communications for the period of 2011-2016 is also disciplined due to "very serious violations, causing large losses of state property, seriously affecting the operation and process of Equitization of MobiFone Corporation, the prestige of the party organization and the Ministry of Information and Communication, causing urgent in society.

Violations of two terms of the Minister

According to Politburo, Mr. Nguyen Bac Son is responsible for the shortcomings of the Party Committee for term of 2011-2016.

Mr. Son violated the principle of democratic centralism, working regulations; lack of democracy in leadership and direction, not discussing with the collective of the Party Committee. He directly decides many contents related to the project in contravention of regulations; Sign documents to submit to the Prime Minister for approval of investment projects and assign subordinate agencies to sign some documents related to projects with contents contrary to regulations, not in accordance with assigned tasks. He also lacked directing, checking the process of project implementation, to occur more serious violations.

According to regulations, the Party's committees of ministries and branches are party organizations set up by the Politburo and the Secretariat, and carry out the leadership and direction of those agencies. Members of the party's executive committee include: ministers, vice ministers, heads of departments; Other members (if any). The Mininster is the party secretary and a deputy Minister is a vice secretary of the party committee.

Mr. Truong Minh Tuan, during his time as a member of the Party Committee, Vice Minister, was jointly responsible for the shortcomings of the Party Committee for 2011-2016.

Mr. Tuan was found guilty of violating the principles of democratic centralism and working regulations; Lack of responsibility, let loose leadership in the process assigned to direct the implementation of the project; Decision No. 236, dated 21/12/2015 of the Ministry of Information and Communication approves the project and some related documents in contravention of regulations, with documents not falling under their assigned tasks.

As Secretary of the Party Committee, Minister from April 2004 to present, Mr. Tuan is responsible for the violations of the Party Committee for 2016-2021.

Source: Vnexpress newspaper

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