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Vinamilk produced the first A2 milk in Vietnam

Friday - 13/07/2018 03:25
200 purebred cows imported by Vinamilk from New Zealand in June released the first batch of A2 milk distributed nationwide.
All dairy cows A2 are being raised by Vinamilk at the Thong Nhat dairy farm in Thanh Hoa. Milk from purebred cattle imported from New Zealand used as raw material for pasteurized and fresh milk production which supply to the national market.
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Beef A2 in the milk production process A2 of Vinamilk in Vietnam.
According to Phan Minh Tien - CEO of Vinamilk, plans to 2019, the company will boost A2 milk production when increasing the herd of purebred cows to 1,000 animals, meet the needs of consumers in the country.

"For businesses, this is a new step in expanding and diversifying dairy products for the Vietnamese market," Tien said.

Vinamilk imported 200 purebred cows A2 at the beginning of June. All herds were tested for DNA and purebed A2 certification by New Zealand's genetic testing and livestock organization (LIC).

According to scientific studies, most purebred beef breeders only contain Beta-Casein A2. As a natural evolution, cow's milk appears Beta-Casein A1. Up to now, in both fresh milk, both A1 and A2 are equally present. These two proteins differ only in an amino acid, in which protein A2 has an amino acid sequence closer to the mother's milk. As a result, users can absorb nutrients from cow's milk faster and more comprehensively, limiting the symptoms of allergy, indigestion to cow's milk sensitive.

For A2 cows, farms have to choose to breed for generations, or choose from individuals identified A2 / A2 through genetic testing of DNA from soft tissues.

"If in a randomized cow population, the percentage of cows in A2 was only about 30%, so we decided to import 200 cows from New Zealand to ensure pure and healthy cows. It is the best milking ability, "said Phan Minh Tien.

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